Contemporary Chicken Noodles, Original to Blackpepper Worth a Try


JAKARTA – Snacks street food What do you remember most when you are hungry but want to eat something less heavy? The answer could be chicken noodles and meatballs which are already familiar in society, from small children to adults.

There are so many chicken meatball noodle stalls, ranging from those sold by cart, roadside stalls, in cafes, and even food court at the mall. Recently SINDOmedia stop by at the Diva Bakso and Chicken Noodle in Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta. Interestingly, this place is a menu with various chicken noodles topping a present that is worth a try to give a different sensation when eating chicken noodles.

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“This is our newest menu, chicken noodles with a variety topping from sambal geprek, salted egg, chili sauce, arrived blackpepper. It turns out delicious if given noodles topping various, “said Dian Ayu, Owner of Diva Meatballs and Chicken Noodles.

There is a choice of chicken noodles topping chili sauce that feels up to date in this place. There is also chicken noodle blackpepper which looks tantalizing in appearance. This noodle has a slightly blackish color blackpepper. While the noodles have a small shape similar to thin yamin noodles, but with a chewy texture. Then the chicken blackpepper as topping noodles are chicken pieces that were previously wrapped in flour and then fried and seasoned with black pepper spices.

Contemporary Chicken Noodles, Original to Blackpepper Worth a Try

The combination of chewy noodles combined with spicy seasonings can be seen from the widely used chili oil. Coupled with the spicy taste of chicken blackpepperThis chicken noodle menu is suitable for those of you who like spicy food. Because even though you don’t add chili sauce to it, the dominance of black pepper is very thick. The chicken pieces are quite large and the savory flour dressing can still be felt even though the black pepper seasoning is very dominant here.


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