Conte: “We complete the journey, now the enthusiasm counts. Lautaro has a great future, he must .. “

The Inter coach spoke to Inter TV microphones in view of tomorrow night’s recovery at San Siro against Sassuolo

After the victory in Bologna, which allowed Inter to further extend the standings over Milan and Juve, the Nerazzurri will be back on the pitch tomorrow evening for the recovery with Sassuolo. In view of the challenge with the neroverdi, the coach Conte spoke to Inter Tv’s microphones:

“We are facing a team that has its own identity, has very specific characteristics and have been working with De Zerbi for some time. We will have to pay great attention and respect everything and everyone trying to play our game and get the most out of it.”

Before the first leg 13 goals in the first 8 games, the same goals taken in the following 20. Match of the turning point?

“If you want to play a leading role in championships, there must always be a great balance between the defensive and the offensive phases. For this reason we conceded many goals at the beginning of the season, there weren’t the right balances. arrive at the best formula. Not taking anything away from the offensive phase and at the same time finding more solidity in the defensive one “.

How much will the short time to recover affect?

“He will affect the right, both for us and for Sassuolo. We are used to having to play after three days, I think at this moment it is important to have the right enthusiasm and the right desire. We are doing important things, but the path must be completed.” .

Inter run an average of 113,116 km per game. Nobody like Inter in Serie A, is it important to have the right physical condition for the final rush?

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“It is important, the player must feel good in the game. Beyond the kilometers covered, you have to run in the right way both in possession and not.”

Second attack of the championship, first for goal shots ratio. Got cynical?

“It is important to create opportunities and try to exploit them. I think Inter are the ones who create the most in the opposing area, when there is the right situation you have to score.

Lukaku talked about the team again. Putting us in front of me is Inter’s secret?

“I think in all teams it is the most important thing. The individual does not win, the whole enhances the qualities of the individual. The boys have understood this and work in the same direction”.

How much has Lautaro grown especially in the defensive phase?

“He has grown in everything, with and without the ball. Even in keeping the ball and attacking the depth Like the others, he has made important improvements and must continue on this path. Calculating his age, he has a great future ahead of him, it always depends on him.”

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