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Conte: «The verification will be at the end of the month The regional vote is not decisive»


President Giuseppe Conte, a first milestone was achieved on Libya with the truce but it seems that Italy has lost ground compared to other actors, such as Turkey and Russia. Do you feel this fragility and, if so, how to remedy it?
“Italy’s incisiveness and credibility in foreign policy is out of the question and with Libya we are at the forefront. We talk to everyone not out of ambiguity, but because we nourish the dialogue by reaffirming our position, limpid and transparent, politically unsurpassed: the war drives away the prosperity and well-being of the Libyan people, and if fueled by external actors it risks also diverting the perspective of the unity and autonomy of Libya “.

What scenarios are opening now?
“We must all work towards a political solution, preparing for the Berlin meeting. We must all take advantage of this “ceasefire” to thwart the military option. In Moscow Sarraj and Haftar will be called to sign this truce. Now a rush to claim primacy does not matter, but the coordination of all subjects is important. My calls and visits are for this: to reiterate the importance of this truce to guide the political process. Italy will continue to have a central influence, we are also working to strengthen the role of the European Union. My visit to Turkey and Egypt serves for everyone to have a common agenda ahead of the Berlin conference. “

How important is the vote in Emilia-Romagna? Why did verification postpone later?
«This vote is important, but it remains an expression of a regional community and does not decide on the fate of the national government. As for the verification, it will be more exactly a “comparison” with the various majority forces to set the 2023 Agenda, on the basis of some priorities that I myself have identified. From an initial exchange with the political forces, I understood that it is better to wait a few more days to allow everyone time to develop a broad reflection. Today starts the reflection inside the Democratic Party. The M5S is also completing an internal reorganization and is asking for a few days to offer its contribution. It is reasonable that the comparison will slip at the end of this month. But this is not a bad thing. The important thing is to start again with greater cohesion, clarity of objectives, maximum determination. We want Italy to run again. “

The Referendum on the cutting of parliamentarians – with the contribution of the League – is it a point in favor of the early voting party?
“I limit myself to observing that soliciting the pronouncement of citizens is a fully legitimate thing in itself, especially with respect to such an important constitutional reform. If, however, this referendum process is also urged by parties, such as the League, which have supported this reform so far and are now trying to question it hoping to destabilize the government, then there is something wrong. I don’t think citizens will reward gimmicks inspired by mere electoral convenience. “

You said you want to cut taxes. But in the next maneuver there are already 20 billion safeguard clauses. Will it be inevitable to raise VAT on some products and cut tax breaks?
«In just three months we managed to find 23 billion and, at the same time, we have reduced the tax burden for workers, families and businesses: in a year we will do much more and the VAT will not increase. We will carry out a comprehensive IRPEF reform and accelerate the investment plan, creating a more intense synergy between the public and private sectors. We are very confident in the fruits of the fight against tax evasion action. This is also why we have invested 3 billion euros to encourage digital payments, because if everyone pays taxes, everyone will pay less. We will also have more time to carry out a careful review of unproductive expenses. “

You are already working on the definition of the so-called cronoprogramma. Can you tell us about one of the key measures?
“An effective driving force for our country’s economy is the simplification of all administrative procedures. We need to make public office intervention more efficient. Unfortunately, an inefficient model has emerged, according to which the more controls there are, the more guarantees we have to protect the public interest. It is not true at all. To protect the public interest, rigorous and effective controls are required, which for this reason must not multiply unnecessarily. In some cases the “Genova model” may be useful, where the reconstruction of the Morandi bridge and the relaunch of the various related works is proving to be an effective “shock” also for the local economy. I would also like to create a House Plan specifically dedicated to young couples: we have a large, often unused public real estate asset that can be transformed into a new model of residential construction, helping families and combating denatality ».

The M5S decomposes compared to the original monolith. There are those who consider Di Maio’s step backwards to be imminent.
«Di Maio has denied this hypothesis. The Movement is in the midst of an internal reorganization process and is preparing for the general states. We do not pull for the Di Maio jacket and we allow the Movement time to serenely complete this process. I am sure that this internal confrontation will be broad and peaceful and will bring new political lymph, useful to ensure positive evolution for the Movement “.

On the Alitalia dossier you risk the euthanasia of the tricolor vector. Is there a plan B?
«No euthanasia. However, the time has come to work on a serious restructuring that will put the company in a position to compete effectively on the transport market. The path is the only one that can really be pursued “.

When you decide on Highways? With the Milleproroghe decree you changed the rules, but did you ask yourself the problem that investors must be able to rely on legal certainty?
«The decision will come soon and will be based on a solid technical-legal basis. It is now clear that serious defaults in the management of motorway infrastructures have emerged. The vocation of this government is to protect the public interest, not to ensure an advantageous future for private concessionaires, especially if they default. Foreign investors know that even in their countries of origin there are legal systems that provide for very severe remedies in the event of breach of contract, of such serious defaults. Then, when there are such obvious public interests and 43 victims, I would avoid recalling formulas such as “legal certainty” or “rule of law” out of turn. In a rule of law, citizens’ safety is paramount. Point”.

Will the EU’s “green plan” serve to co-finance Ilva’s restructuring?
«During the week the Commission will present the plan for the energy transition. We are working to ensure that Ilva is at the center of this green floor. With ArcelorMittal there is a negotiating table whom I trust will soon complete his work. The goal is ambitious: to relaunch the Taranto plant by directing it towards clean energy, safeguarding jobs, reinforcing the environmental recovery plan. We are committed to solving this crisis, including through targeted state intervention. “

On the Gregoretti case Did you know or not of the steps taken by the Interior Ministry?
“The entire decision-making phase regarding the landing was handled by the then Minister of the Interior, who also claimed it, as the public declarations of the time attest. Moreover, the story dates back to July 2019, when the so-called “security bis” decree was already in force, strongly desired by Minister Salvini precisely in order to strengthen the competence of the Interior Ministry. As for the redistribution of migrants, I was asked to be willing to take charge of it and that is why the diplomatic office of the Prime Minister was involved. If anyone disputes the general political direction on migration, I am ready to answer it. My positions on the point, formal and informal, are all documented and it is not my habit to escape responsibility. However, if I have to answer for the specific decision regarding the landing of one of our ships in one of our ports, I cannot say that I was involved if this did not happen ».

Quote 100 expires at the end of 2021. Will you change it?
“Quota 100 is a measure that we have confirmed, but in view of the deadline we will go back to confront each other to make the most appropriate decisions. Minister Catalfo is already working to start an organic pension reform path. I have already clearly expressed my preference: I would like to work on the distinction between wearing and non-wearing jobs and then, on the basis of this distinction, make a review of the entire pension system “.


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