Conte opened the door to leave Inter: It was very good to lead the club, but everything has a limit

Inter Milan’s technical director, Antonio Conte, questioned his continuity in command of the cast of Alexis Sánchez after the fall in the final of the Europa League against Sevilla 3-2 in Cologne, Germany.

“We must return to Milan, we will take two or three days of vacation. Then we will meet and analyze the season. In a very serene way we will try to plan the future of Inter, with or without me, “said Conte, in statements to Sky Sport.

“I have to understand if the priority is football or is the family. Because if some situations condition the family, this is no longer right. Everything has a limit, I have to understand how far this limit goes“, said.

“We worked hard, it was a tough season. It is correct to rest and then analyze the situation and make the best decision, for the good of Inter. There is no grudge, there are points of view that may or may not be different. For me it was very good to be Inter’s coach, I thank the property. If I have to say something, it was worth it. I will always thank the club for this, “he added.

“Beyond everything, for me it was an incredible experience. It means everything and nothing. It means that I am grateful for the opportunity. I think I have given a lot and also received a lot. I’m very happy. There is no grudge. It is a matter of points of view and situations that I experienced and did not like“he continued.

Still without announcing his departure from the club, Conte was still very hurt by a season that was “very demanding” and that also affected him at a family level.

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“Something has happened, it is useless to deny it. You have to understand if there is the will of everyone not to spend another year like this. There are many situations that I will study and it is right for the president to study his things. I do not back down, “he said.


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