Conte: “From tomorrow I expect a Rt at 1% and many regions that turn from red to orange”

The weekly report on the state of the epidemic is now almost on the table. Not surprisingly, interviewed by Tg5, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte explains that “tomorrow is an important day”. Important because, he continues, “I expect a national Rt at 1 am, it would be an important signal, and that many regions that are red become orange or yellow. This would mean less restrictive measures for citizens ”. Certainly, however, he insists, “it is still necessary to make sacrifices, we cannot let our guard down, it will be a different Christmas, but we cannot find ourselves with a high number of deaths and with a new stress on health structures”. On the subject, instead, majority-opposition Conte explains that “Conte did not risk today, because the majority forces are well cohesive and solid and did not risk Cavaliere Berlusconi”. And he adds that he is pleased «today, I had declared that the confrontation table would always be reshuffled to the opposition. I hope that this dialogue in respect of roles – the majority must support the government, the opposition must make its critical contribution – will exist. This critical contribution from the opposition is good for the country ”.

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