Containment special: receive a postcard from New York!

While France is once again confined, we invite you to send you a ray of New York sunshine: receive a postcard from New York in your mailbox!

postcard new york
Laurène sends you a surprise from New York!

How to receive your New York surprise?

  • Currently trips to New York are unfortunately still impossible. Never mind: the CNewYork team invites you to receive a postcard from New York at home!
  • This postcard will be sent to you by our French guides based in New York. In addition to the postcard, stamped with a nice American stamp, the card will reveal a little secret of New York … On the back of the card, Laurène will indeed give you an anecdote linked to architecture, history or culture. New York culture. Each postcard will be personalized for you and each of you will receive a different story or anecdote!
  • This is enough to bring you a ray of New York sunshine and entertain you during this confinement. It will also be an opportunity to discuss before the resumption of our visits to New York in French.

A postcard from New York for your loved ones

  • To surprise your family or friends, Laurene can also send a postcard from New York on your behalf. Imagine what your loved ones look like when you receive a postcard from New York! A nice surprise in this difficult period!
  • Once the card is sent, the Post Office takes between 10 and 14 days.

Postcards for learning English

  • We write our anecdotes in French. However, you can also ask us to write your postcard in English to test your knowledge or just to learn new words. All guides on the team are bilingual.
  • Our maps in English are particularly useful for young teenagers learning English. You can even tell us one or more themes (arts / society, pop culture, fashion, song, aeronautics, architecture, history). We guide the anecdotes by personalizing them for you! The ideal is to order a series of 6 cards (1 card per month).
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Pay your card order

  • The price of the postcard is 5 € all inclusive. Postage covers the France, the Belgium, the Suisse or the Luxembourg.
  • By PayPal free of charge : to make your payment for the calculated amount (number of cards x 5 €) by PayPal by clicking on the link below and manually indicating your amount: PayPal payment link. Once payment is complete, send us your address and other desired information to [email protected] The card will leave within 4 days of your payment. It can take between 7 and 12 days to arrive.
  • By credit card (commission varying depending on the bank) : If you don’t have a PayPal account, we can send you an invoice with a card payment link. Note that some banks may apply fees. Request this option in your email at [email protected]

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