Consumption of Garlic is One of the Prevention Measures Against Covid-19 Infection –

Garlic (net photo) – Herbal drinks are increasingly being sought in the midst of the spread of the covid-19 virus. Evidently, the price of herbal ingredients in the market also soared, such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, and ginger.

These various herbal plants are believed to contain active ingredients that can increase endurance or an immune booster.

“Herbal drink products are one of the choices for Indonesian people, because they are believed to have benefits for the health of the body. Especially during the pandemic, herbal ingredients have become daily consumption,” said the owner of Satya Natural Juice, Steven Cornelius Putra, in a written statement, Saturday (11/9/2021).

Steven said, the herbal drink Satya Natural Juice was processed by paying attention to the stability of the active substances in the ingredients and the formulation was carried out directly by him.

“Made from quality natural ingredients such as single garlic, red ginger, forest honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon, Satya Natural Juice can help maintain a healthy body, and reduce blood fat and stomach acid,” he explained.

Launching the page, garlic has many benefits for the body such as relieving infections, inflammation and colds, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing heart disease, and controlling blood pressure.

Consumption of garlic can be one of the preventive measures against COVID-19 infection, with its function of increasing the immune system, and suppressing the production and secretion of cytokine storms.

“Besides garlic, other herbal ingredients in Satya Natural Juice such as red ginger, forest honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon also help increase stamina and immunity,” added Steven.

Steven admitted, this herbal mixture has been consumed by his extended family for generations. Apparently, the benefits are quite good for health.

“Finally, I tried to optimize the formula and the way it was made for two to three years, and Satya Natural Juice was born,” said Steven.

Satya Natural Juice itself is made without preservatives. Through the sterilization process, Satya Natural Juice can last up to 6 months at room temperature. In addition to product safety, taste is also an important thing in making this herbal drink.

“Not everyone likes the smell and taste of garlic. However, according to our consumers, the taste of Satya Natural Juice is better than other similar products in circulation,” concluded Steven. (Berita one)

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