Consumers are increasingly buying a farm as a home | NOW

Agricultural holdings for sale are increasingly being bought by private individuals who want to live there. This is evident from a study published Wednesday by NVM Agrarisch & Landelijk into the real estate market.

In the past five years, about 60 percent of agricultural businesses have been put up for sale because the farmer has left. “Fewer and fewer of the agricultural businesses sold are being bought by another entrepreneur”, the NVM notes.

Five years ago this was more than 60 percent, now it has dropped to just over half (51 percent). Private individuals give the purchased agricultural business a different purpose, because they are going to live there. “The company buildings or stables that are redundant in such a case are often demolished.”

According to NVM Agrarisch & Landelijk, this development is in line with the trend that people want to move more often from the city to the countryside. As a result, the shortages in the countryside are increasing, just as in the past in the cities. “Because more and more people have started working from home in recent months, you see an even greater demand for more square meters and a green environment.”


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