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Al-Marsad Newspaper: The infectious diseases consultant, Dr. Thamer Al-Khashan, revealed the details of the “tomato flu” and is it considered a fatal disease?

Al-Khashan said, during his interview with the “Ya Hala” program: “This disease is dangerous, and there are certain studies that have been conducted to verify this.”

He added, “In some cases, the death rate reached 25%, and in some cases it reached 88 and 90%, but this is based on cases in specific countries.”

He continued: “Some people take the study as an indisputable fact, but this is not true, as the study that was conducted on 100 or 200 people cannot be generalized and may contain errors.”

And he continued: “For example, a study was conducted on people who fall from the plane, they divided them into two parts, some open the parachute and some do not open it, and they saw the effect of this on the death rate, and it became clear that there was no effect.”

He concluded: “However, a very important point was overlooked, which is that the plane was standing still, not in the sky, and this confirms that there are things that the researcher knows and other things that he does not know about.”

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