Construction of Stagnant Houses, Baim Wong Losing Tens of Million Per Week

Baim Wong (Source: Instagram / @ baimwong)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Baim Wong loses tens of millions every week because the construction of his new house has stalled.

For the house, Baim admitted that he had spent hundreds of millions of rupiah but was even disappointed by the building workers.

Kiano Tiger Wong’s father encountered problems when building a house because there was a mistake in purchasing building materials.

After the Constitutional Court (Construction Management) worked for one week, it turned out that something was not in accordance with the specifications regarding the components of the house foundation.

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“Finally, he found there that he had to use 300 (foundations) and bought 250. So it was like the strength to support the foundation,” said Baim.

“The foundation is what he told to buy, what did he buy. Yes, no, there is a drawing of the structure,” continued Baim irritatedly.


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