Constipation under the windows of the town hall. Traffic from the Barrandov Bridge is moving around Prague

The queue of vehicles obediently travels through Písnice in Prague. It doesn’t take long. Only if drivers cross the crossing with their parents in a hurry to school or have the bus put back in the lane. At the same time, however, the column is endless and will not start practically throughout the morning rush hour.

“It’s still the same here. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, he always rides in the convoy, “Petr tells me in a trot, who and his son overtook the vehicles on the sidewalk. They rush to the kindergarten, which is separated from the busy road by a cartoon wall.

This time, however, the drivers drove in the Písnicí column on Monday as well. And it can be assumed that the same will happen to them all the other weekdays.

One of the bypass routes leads through the center of the original development, which was an independent municipality until 1974, if drivers want to avoid driving over the reconstructed Barrandov Bridge. Especially because of this, the congress to Písnice from the Prague ring road was opened. It is the first way to get off the bypass and head towards the South Junction or the center.

“Towards the center, it’s plus or minus the same, but vice versa, it’s definitely worse. We are getting late in both directions, “driver Jirka, who is waiting for the next ride on the final bus 113, leans out of the window.

New transport hub

This was the reason why the completely finished exit from the Prague ring road to Písnice remained closed until now. The condition for its opening was the construction of a bypass. It was supposed to be ready in 2010, but in reality it should start building in two years.

The branch from the Prague ring road is therefore only opened exceptionally and only with the consent of the city district in the event of other traffic restrictions in Prague. As was the repair of Libušská Street four years ago and the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge this year.

“We all have to bear some part of the responsibility, so we agreed to open the congress, however unpleasant it is,” explains the mayor of the Prague-Libuš district Jiří Koubek (TOP 09) for Seznam Zprávy.

Písnice became a transport hub with everything. People come here from Dolní Břežany, because the connection to Komořany and Zbraslav via the Břežanské valley had to close unexpectedly due to the emergency condition of the bridge and retaining walls.

But drivers who avoid the road across the Barrandov Bridge also shorten their journey here. And the sky is again controlled by landing airliners. To make matters worse, the main runway at Ruzyně is also being repaired, so air traffic has also moved over densely populated parts of Prague.

Only frogs from the Švorcák pond, which is a few tens of meters from the final bus, can drown out the noise of vehicles and planes in Písnice.

Photo: Josef Mačí, News List

Kindergarten in Písnice.

Stop sign at traffic lights

The second of them can be watched live by the mayor of Koubek. The office of the city district is located here.

“Traffic is worse at both peaks, so we are really observing the impact of the reconstruction of the Barrandov Bridge. Paradoxically, however, the traffic in the old Písnice did not deteriorate as much as I might have expected, but in Libuš, “adds the mayor.

Moreover, the traffic situation here will certainly not improve in the coming weeks, quite the opposite. From 16 June, the construction of the tram line will complicate the passage at the roundabout at the Meteorological Primary School.

Drivers will not get from Meteorological to Generála Šiška Street and further to Modřany or vice versa. The vehicles will have to look for another route.

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