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Along with the detailed presentation below, NExT Studios has announced that its massively multiplayer-focused third-person shooter “rogue-looter” game is also being made for consoles. In addition, SYNCED will soon hold a five-week trial on PC, which will already contain a significant portion of the entire game. Based on preliminary information, this means, among other things, different versions of the Nanos opponents and different PVP and PVE modes (Dead Sector Runs, Elite Runs, Nerva Runs).

However, it doesn’t hurt to know that the game is strictly team-based, so the lone wolves probably won’t find their way. If you manage to attract your friends to the battlefield between December 9, 2022 and January 15, 2023, you can sign up for the open beta of the game here:

SYNCHRONIZED sometimes 2023can arrive on the PC platform (Steam) in , which may be followed shortly after by the console versions.


SYNCHRONIZED – Introducing the Open Beta

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