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Consistency shapes the longing for sport

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The city tries as much as possible to keep the sport going and thus to counteract the generally not good mood.

Our series about the Solingen sports clubs in Corona times is very popular. The list of those who would like to be portrayed is extensive. After several large clubs, this week we presented the German Life Rescue Society (DLRG), and we were also guests at the riding club on Jagenberg for the next episode. The trend there, as on other systems, is consistent regardless of the club structure: Despite the pandemic restrictions, everyone is relying on mostly virtual contact with members. If feasible, it becomes a training facility. A swimming or riding club naturally reaches its limits. The members have so far proven their loyalty, and the tenor is unanimous. But: The open perspective of sport must be clearly outlined immediately to support the trend, otherwise too many will leave the boat and may never come back. In addition, it can only be that there is movement in the numbers of new members. They are almost at zero.

What is expressed again and again – also recently in the sports committee – is the consonance with the Solingen Sports Association as the representation of interests of 136 clubs, city service sports and leisure along with administrative colleagues, sports politics and of course each individual club striding through the challenging times. Certainly not all 27,000 members in organized sport are happy. They can’t be if their clubs fall on deaf ears with balanced hygiene concepts and at the same time things go haywire on football fields without a mask. But the overall trend is right: the city is trying as much as possible to keep the sporting business going and thus counteract the generally not good mood. The motto “Make the best of difficult conditions” stands out.

Extreme problems, creative actions, the breaking away of social aspects – this is how Sportbund managing director Karen Leiding describes everyday life, which is a huge challenge for officials and trainers. And city service director Horst Schulten sees the loss of a significant part of the club life as well as the lack of movement. Although the sport has been affected in many ways, the city has no indications that a club is in danger of bankruptcy – good news.

Before the increasing vaccination protection, among other things, can form the basis for normality, the nation-wide “emergency brake” even had to be rowed back again. The five instead of the current 20 children in youth football who are allowed to train as a group without contact are a striking example. The longing for sport is still hampered by reason that is as balanced as possible in its means. It can really be seen as a trump card when the protagonists are on the move in unison as described.

BHC: Handball players shake off their forced Corona break and play the Tusem Essen in the ground.

DLRG: No water and therefore no chance of fulfilling an important requirement – teaching people to swim.

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