Considered Evidence of Reward Disliked by Central Java DPC, this is the result of the 2018 vs 2013 gubernatorial election


Governor of Central Java (Central Java) Pranowo reward called disliked by branch leadership board (DPC) managers PDIP throughout Central Java. This can be seen from the results of the 2018 gubernatorial election. What are the results?

To note, in the 2013 Central Java gubernatorial election, reward appointed as a candidate for Governor of Central Java from the PDIP. At that time, Ganjar was nominated with Heru Sudjatmoko.

The Secretary General of the PDI-P DPP at that time, Tjahjo Kumolo, said that the Ganjar and Heru pair were chosen because they were considered consistent and did not mencle.

“We want a figure who is truly consistent and does not cla-mencle, a regional leader who can digugu and imitated,” said Tjahjo.

In addition, according to him, the couple is a son of Central Java who deserves to lead Central Java. “The native sons of Central Java, both are not the best, but they are considered good to move forward,” he said.

2013 Central Java gubernatorial election

Ganjar Pranowo-Heru Sudjatmoko also won in the 2013 Central Java gubernatorial election. They were declared by the Central Java KPU as contestants for the Central Java gubernatorial election with the highest number of votes. The results of the recapitulation of the vote count show that the pair that was championed by PDIP won 48% of the votes in favor.

Based on the recapitulation results, there were 14,259,945 valid votes, of which 48.82% were for Ganjar-Heru. Bibit Waluyo-Sudijono Sastroatmodjo followed with 30.2% of the vote. Meanwhile, the Hadi Prabowo-Don Murdono pair received 20.92% of the votes in favor.

“Couple number 3, Ganjar-Heru, received 6,962,417 votes,” said the Chairperson of the Central Java KPU, Fajar Subhi AKA at the Plenary Meeting for the Recapitulation of Vote Count Results at the 2013 Central Java Pilgub Provincial Level at the Central Java KPU building, Jl Veteran Semarang, Tuesday (4 /6/2013).

In almost all areas of Central Java, the Ganjar-Heru pair received the most votes. The highest voices of Ganjar-Heru are in Surakarta, Purbalingga, Boyolali, Purworejo, and Brebes. The pair only lost in four regions, namely Demak, Kendal, Cilacap, and Batang.

2018 Central Java gubernatorial election

Ganjar again won the 2018 Central Java gubernatorial election. At that time, Ganjar was paired with Taj Yasin, who was the son of KH Maimun Zubair or Mbah Moen.

In the 2018 gubernatorial election, Ganjar-Yasin won the Central Java gubernatorial election with 10,362,694 votes or 58.78 percent, while the Sudirman-Ida pair, which is their competitor, received 7,267,993 votes or 41.22 percent.

This figure is called not good for an incumbent like Ganjar. This result is said to be proof that Ganjar is not liked by the Central Java PDIP DPC management.

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