Conservatives want to stop Q4, but they won’t be able to

The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that conservative groups opponents of his government are desperate and who “at any cost”, brake and stop to Fourth transformation, but warned that “they will not be able” and will not back down.

By signing the decree that extends tax benefits to employers and temporary workers in the field until 2023, the holder of the Federal executive noted that the groups conservatives they bet on maintain the same corruption regime, injustices and privileges.

“The conservatives are desperate, they want to stop, stop the transformation, they are grouping themselves, they are opposing because they believe that they are going to achieve a setback.

“We will not back down, they will not be able to,” he warned.

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Yesterday, the leader of the National Anti-AMLO Front (Frenaaa), Gilberto Lozano González, warned what if he President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, makes him or his family “more than a scratch” he has already bought a trust “so that an elite group, ends up with all those who have to finish pThe houses around Mr. López have already been detected. “

In response to information published by THE UNIVERSAL in the sense that the National Intelligence Center has been monitoring the activities of Frenaa and its leader Gilberto Lozano, he, through a video message, responded to the president who, on the morning of this Friday, denied that his government spies on political opponents as happened in the past.

Lozano explained that “López (Obrador) is a hypocrite, false and cowardly, very cowardly”, and pointed out, “I am not afraid of it because I have bought a trust to end all those that I have to finish if a scratch comes to me or my family” on behalf of the President or his relatives.

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Accompanied by Governor Jaime Bonilla, the president stated that his government has “a key” to confront these groups and that, he assured, it has given good results “and that key consists of fighting corruption and returning what was stolen to the people, if not there is corruption and what is saved is given to the people, that is more than enough. “

President López Obrador pointed out that Mexicans have understood that a change is needed, and reiterated that he has been the most attacked president since Francisco I. Madero was attacked “but it has not happened because the people are supporting us.”



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