Consequences of COVID in children: An 8-year-old girl in Austria has difficulty walking for a year after infection

Dr. Anna-Maria Cavini. Footage from a bTV video

With the advent of Omicron, our attention and worries turned to the children.
The new mutation in the coronavirus obviously makes them easier and more likely to get sick.

The desire of parents to vaccinate their children in the Stara Zagora region is very low, BTV reports. Statistics show that just over 30 children have been vaccinated across the region. Parents say that it is not so dangerous for their children to have a coronavirus
infection, enough to vaccinate them because they are unsure of the preparation and believe that its trials should continue for years.

However, an example from Austria shows that children do not get coronavirus infection so easily and after it there are severe consequences for them.

Sophie, 8, contracted the coronavirus in February last year. It is still difficult for her to walk. At first the girl did not notice anything, but a few weeks later came the first symptoms of the so-called. “long COVID”.

“When I started, I couldn’t walk normally. I was like that from March to June. I was very dizzy. In addition to dizziness and headaches, muscle cramps appeared in September, “says Sophie. Sophie was sent to a rehab center in mid-November. The therapy helps her to walk again, although she often does not have the strength to exercise. The disease affects the whole family.

“Our daily lives have changed a lot. Ordinary things like going to school, shopping, driving a car are almost impossible for her because she gets sick quickly. And in the worst case, he gets cramps, “said Sabine, Sofia’s mother.

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Treatment of long-term COVID is not always easy, as too little is known about the disease as a whole. According to Sophie’s doctor, it is important that the therapy is tailored to the individual patient.
“Internationally, we are still at a very early stage of research in this area. We learn every day and we are in a weekly exchange with national and international experts, “says Dr. Anna-Maria Cavini.

After rehabilitation, Sophie’s family hopes she can go to school and everyone can return to their lives before the illness.

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