Conor McGregor aims to surpass Michael Jordan’s fortune

The former champion of l’UFC Conor McGregor now aims to surpass the fortune of Michael Jordan. The Irishman made this statement in an interview he gave to the journalist Megan Olivia. It was an opportunity for the athlete to show his pride in being the only MMA fighter to appear on the Forbes list of the richest athletes at number 33. He also took the opportunity to let it be known that he would now like to exceed Michael Jordan and its brand.

The latter retains the lead in this ranking. “It’s definitely motivating. Michael Jordan is on top with his Jordan brand which took him there, he made $3.3 billion. I’m getting closer to a billion now. I imagine my chances of being on this list”, did he declare. For Conor McGregorthe estimate of $615 million from Forbes remains incorrect.

He thinks it’s actually closer to $1 billion. Remember that the Irish athlete is the richest of his class. He became more prosperous from the multiple streams of income generated in the process « The Notorious ». A few months ago he was one of the highest paid athletes on the planet with over $200 million. According to statements he made, he would be above Cristiano Ronaldo.

2023-06-01 17:05:09
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