Conner Rousseau proudly shows his bare torso in social m …

Conner Rousseau (SP.A) thinks it is not possible that the Finnish prime minister was heavily criticized after a photo of her appeared in which she was only wearing a blazer. And so the SP.A chairman posted a photo of his six-pack on Instagram. “Because women are still judged too much on their appearance.”

Photo: Instagram

Sanna Marin (35), the Prime Minister of Finland, received a lot of criticism after she appeared on the cover of a women’s magazine wearing a blazer that she wore nothing under. Rousseau does not think Marin was inundated with comments and so he posted a photo showing his six pack. He then also explained more on Instagramstories: “Why I post such a photo? To support Sanna Marin. ”

“I got to know the Prime Minister of Finland as a strong, capable lady. Who had to lead Finland at a young age in difficult times. Now she is criticized for showing a little cleavage. So What? We are 2020 hey prude people, ”he wrote.

He concluded his message with a warm appeal to do the same: “Come on, where is that picture of your cleavage?”

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