Connection Suspected in Recent Explosions in Groningen Province: Police Investigating

Connection Suspected in Recent Explosions in Groningen Province: Police Investigating

Sep 20, 2023 at 1:28 p.m

The police suspect that there is a connection between the explosions in the province of Groningen. There have been several explosions in Winschoten and Oude Pekela in recent days. There may also be a connection with other violent incidents.

“It is clear that these explosions are not isolated,” a police spokesperson said. He does not yet know who or what is behind the incidents.

“We take several scenarios into account, such as one or more conflicts in the criminal circuit.” According to the spokesperson, a specialist team of detectives is “fully busy” with the explosions.

An explosion took place at a tanning and nail studio in Oude Pekela on Tuesday evening. The explosion caused a fire. No one was injured, but police said the building sustained significant damage.

In the night to Wednesday, an explosive went off at a house in Winschoten. There were also no injuries. A few days earlier there were also two explosions at a hairdresser’s shop and a shop in Winschoten.

The center of Groningen is also the target

Earlier, the provincial capital was also hit by explosions. A beauty salon in the center of Groningen was targeted on July 12 and September 12.

The police previously announced that they were investigating whether there was a link between these explosions and other violent incidents in Winschoten, Oude Pekela and Groningen.

The case was heard on Tuesday evening Investigation Requested. This has yielded five tips so far.

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Number of explosions is increasing

Many more explosions are taking place in our country this year than in previous years. After almost nine months, the counter has already reached 358 explosions at homes and business premises.

More than half of the explosions took place in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But more and more explosions are also being observed outside the Randstad. The NOS based on police data.

Image: An explosion earlier this year in Rotterdam, ANP

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