“Connected” toilets for Atlanta airport

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, one of the busiest in the world, is the first to offer smart, fully connected toilets. Or when the Internet of Things reinvents the “pee lady.” “

The airport platform is currently testing new equipment to guarantee passengers toilets that are always clean, accessible and operational.

Leveraging the Internet of Things, the intelligent surveillance system dubbed KOLO uses wireless communication technologies, ‘cloud’ data processing and storage, as well as advanced sensors and detection technologies to provide fast, personalized and secure communication between connected sanitary devices and facility managers and their maintenance staff through smartphones, tablets and desktop applications.

Installed on flush faucets and dispensers for paper towels, toilet tissue and sanitizer, this technology monitors product usage, jams, faults and leaks, alerting staff in real time airport maintenance so that problems can be dealt with immediately.

For Hartsfield-Jackson, a bad experience in the bathroom can affect his results. A study by JD Powers (an American company that analyzes consumer behavior) revealed that for large airports (at least 30 million passengers per year), passengers “ delighted »Spend up to 190% more at the airport than disappointed passengers. With this new system of ” lady pee Connected, airport officials ensure consumers will enjoy a clean and comfortable experience every time.

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