Conjunction of the waning humped moon to Jupiter at this time

Muhammad bin Masoud – Dammam – Districts_Jedda

Today, the Jeddah Astronomical Culture announced that the association of the waning humped moon with Jupiter, the huge of our photo voltaic procedure, was noticed in the sky of the Arab world a handful of hours just after the onset of night.

That working day will be Monday, August 15, 2022, on the japanese horizon, in a phenomenon quickly seen to the bare eye if the sky is apparent.

The affiliation stated that the visual appeal of the humpback moon close to Jupiter only suggests on the dome of the sky, as they are not close with each other in place: the moon is only 376,083 km from us, although Jupiter is 627,114,274 km.

For his aspect, engineer Majed Abu Zahira, president of the Astronomical Modern society of Jeddah, said that Jupiter is the fourth brightest item in the sky following the sunlight, moon and Venus, and will surface as a brilliant white level to the observer. with the naked eye Identified as the “Moons of Galileo”, they are: Ganmede, Callisto, Europa, Iowa – they seem as tiny details of gentle around Jupiter.

He reported: “Throughout the rest of the night time, all of these bodies will evidently go westward thanks to the Earth’s rotation on its axis, but the true movement of the moon is eastward relative to the stars.”

He continued: “By observing the place of the moon at the similar time just about every working day, you detect that its motion is eastward with regard to the stars and planets of the zodiac circle, so the future working day you will detect that the moon has moved away from Jupiter, precipitating to the east, which is its purely natural movement in orbit close to the Earth ”.

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