Congratulations to ‘Attorney Anon’ winning human rights award from South Korea

Congratulations to “Attorney Anon Namapa”, the leader of the People’s Group, won the “Gwangju for Human Rights” Award from South Korea for the year 2021 after continuous political movement.

On Jan. 14, the Gwangju Award Selection Committee for Human Rights announced that Mr. Anon Nampha Thai lawyer and human rights activist received the award Gwangju for Human Rights (Gwang Ju Prize for Human Rights) annual 2021 from the May 18 Memorial Foundation, Republic of Korea (South Korea).

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Stating that since the year 2008, Mr. Anon began working in the law. Acting as a human rights consultant and with democratic activists After the 2014 coup, he fought for the people who were indicted. From the Criminal Code Section 112, which blocks freedom of expression And punish human rights activists And political activists And help those who are prosecuted by the military courts

In 2014, Mr. Anon took part in the establishment of “Citizen Strikes Back”That armed the people in their fight against democracy. A system of authoritarianism and helped to raise awareness of human rights.

And is one of the leaders that drive the fight Of the people who want to elect the year 2018 and also pushing the new generation Have human rights awareness Anti-violence Arising out of the martial law and his military speech There is still the power to shape democracy in Thailand. And making political activists of Thai youth and democracy supporters

Anon has also been caught from several political activism. And was charged with a criminal offense They also face the risk of being in detention. If it doesn’t stop moving But he continues to fight for justice and human rights.

Journalists reported that the award The award has been given to human rights activists since 2000, with two Thai people who have received the award, including Mrs. Angkhana Neelapaijit, former National Human Rights Commissioner in 2006 and Pai Daowin Nai Chatu. Pat Boonphat Raksa in 2017, on a global level, there are still many important people who have received the award, including Mrs.

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After the news was published Fans and the People’s Coalition Has expressed encouraging opinions Through many social media, including the famous actor Indira Charoenpura (Sai) Who have posted congratulations via Facebook as well as Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, former accused of M 112 case who tweeted congratulatory messages on Twitter etc.


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