Confusion and picaresque on the beaches of Barcelona that get crowded again

The Barcelona’s town hall This Tuesday caused some confusion about the
opening of the beaches to the public
. First they gave the green light to allow recreational bathing and that people could lie down to sunbathe while respecting the safety distances, an indication that later was unfortunate. These comings and goings have caused the beaches of Barcelona to be seen today full of people wanting to take advantage of the good weather after being confined by the
. Whether due to confusion or picaresque, not all have complied with the regulations of phase 0.5 that governs the Catalan capital.

The norm establishes that you can only access the beach, according to the corresponding age ranges, to make walk or do sport. To give a clear example: a 20-year-old adult can surf or run through the Barceloneta between 6 and 10 in the morning and between 20 and 23, provided he maintains the established social distance. What that same adult could not do is lie on the sand to tan or take a recreational dip, neither in its strip nor in any other.

Only people who do sports could enter the water
(Ana Jiménez)

The photographer of The vanguard Ana Jiménez has captured several snapshots this morning in which the breach of standard. Towels and sarongs are spread out in the Barceloneta sand, as well as groups of people chatting while they are cooling off in the water. The photographs have been taken within the strip of adults and athletes, although not everyone was walking or exercising.

This is how Barceloneta looked this morning

This is how Barceloneta looked this morning
(Ana Jiménez)

The picaresque some have hunted her perfectly on the show
Els matins de TV3
, where a reporter has alerted several bathers that they were not respecting the norm when taking a dip or sunbathing. Neither shorts nor lazy ones affirmed that if they saw some police approaching they would do as if they were doing sport. Done the law done the snare.

Recreational restrooms are prohibited

Recreational restrooms are prohibited
(Ana Jiménez)

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