Confusion about evictions from municipal housing –


Although the city government issued a ban on evictions from community apartments at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in spring, there were evictions in the previous year. The FPÖ criticizes this.

421 evictions were carried out in apartments of Wiener Wohnen in the first three quarters of the previous year. 192 relate to the first quarter to the end of March and thus probably to the time before the lockdown. But, as a Wiener-Wohnen spokesman pointed out to, there was a ban on eviction from the lockdown (March 16) until the end of May (not June, the spokesman corrected the date, note). During this time, no community building tenant should be shown outside the door.

102 evictions during stops

Nevertheless, the quarterly report of Wiener Wohnen shows 102 evictions in the second quarter – from April 1 to June 30. The spokesman explained this with the practice of reporting. A eviction will not be entered in the database on the date on which the eviction takes place, but on which the apartment is activated as vacant. This is usually after an inspection by an employee of Wiener Wohnen, who notes any damage.

He explained this on the basis of a fictitious case study: A woman was evicted in mid-February. Due to normal delays and additionally due to the corona virus – there were only a few field trips during lockdown – an employee inspection only took place in mid-April. The apartment was then noted in the system as vacant.

From June they were evicted again, according to the spokesman there were eight evictions in June. In the third quarter there were 127. These are only cases that are not related to the coronavirus, where there were payment difficulties and violations of house rules before the pandemic. Even then, the “Case Management” department carried out a detailed review.

Criticism from FPÖ

In addition, they always checked again on the day of the eviction whether a rent had been transferred – then the eviction would have been canceled again. There were no figures for the fourth quarter for the time being, but according to Wiener Wohnen there was also a relocation freeze in the second lockdown from November 3rd.

The FPÖ criticized the evictions in a broadcast. “The eviction stop announced by the SPÖ was an outright lie. The SPÖ has given up its social conscience and is putting people on the streets in the Corona crisis, ”criticized the Vienna FPÖ boss Dominik Nepp. According to the FPÖ, 545 evictions were forecast by the end of the year. That would be significantly less than in 2019 – around 900 took place there.

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