Conflict in Brazil training. Neymar had to intervene

Camera lenses captured the fuss among footballers. After a while, the mutual quarrel between the attacking aces grew into a push and even the biggest star of the South Americans, Neymar, had to intervene.

What caused the exchange of views remains unclear, with Everton’s striker grabbing his White Ballet teammate by the jersey and explaining something emphatically to him.

In any case, the teammates managed to break the two warring parties apart before a more serious physical confrontation could take place.

Richarlison looked really dialed, because when Neymar tried to talk him out of it after a while and hugged him around the neck, the attacker may have been even more enraged.

At the end of the national team, the Brazilians will face Japan in a friendly match on Monday. The Canaries have a duel with South Korea, which they shot 5: 1.

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