Confirmed: Pokémon Scarlet and Purple’s 7-star teraincursion is on the horizon!

Samurott, the water-type starter Pokémon, will be the protagonist of the next special limited-time teraid of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is already one of the best-selling games ever on Nintendo Switch, making the ninth generation developed by Game Freak one of the most important titles in the franchise. And, in addition, it will expand during this year and the next with the 2 DLCs announced by the Japanese company to continue offering support: The Turquoise Mask will arrive in autumn, while The Indigo Disco will do so in winterpresumably alongside the launch of Nintendo Switch 2. Until that time comes, the game continues to offer support through the 7 star teraids.

And on this occasion the Pokémon that will be the protagonist for the next few weeks has been announced in relation to the teraincursions of 7 stars of Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Thus, all players who access the game between March 31 and April 2 will be able to catch Samurottthe final evolution of the fifth generation water-type starter, with the teratipo bicho. If those dates do not fit you, you will have a second chance to do it from April 7 to 9so write them down well on the calendar so as not to miss the opportunity.

There is no doubt that the 7-star teraids are being a perfect option to expand the Pokédex of the ninth generationincluding Pokémon that were not originally present in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple and that will probably be added permanently with the arrival of the DLCs.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Purple gives away a Pokémon for some of its players

Game Freak is preparing great news for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple in the following months, since at the end of April a new update will arrive for continue solving some of the problems that the deliveries of the ninth generation have. However, until the arrival of that patch, the Japanese company is offering a very special Pokémon totally free, although only for some of its players.

Thus, From April 22 to June 30, a very special Pikachu will be available through a Mystery Gift to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the physical Pokémon centers related to the franchise, although It will only be available at Pokémon Centers in if you are in the Japanese country you should not miss the opportunity.

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