Confirmed: Apple shuts down Imac Pro

Update (2021-03-07):

Apple has now confirmed that the Imac Pro will disappear from the range as soon as the current stock has sold out.

Those who want a powerful all-in-one computer will in the future be referred to the 27-inch model of Imac that was launched in August. By customizing the components, it is possible to come up with similar specifications as for the Imac Pro.

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Unfortunately, the 27-inch model of Imac is not available in space gray, but it may not be the whole world.

Previously (2021-03-06):

As we have previously reported on seems an upgrade of Imac is underway, but the future of the Imac Pro looks much darker.

The latest copies of the Imac Pro are now on sale Apple Store with the suffix “as long as the stock lasts”, a text that is not usually used if new models are used. In addition, it is no longer possible to choose anything other than the standard model for SEK 57,168, so if you want more memory or increased storage space, you can fix it on your own.

This is what the Apple Store looks like at the time of writing.

The most likely explanation for the phasing out of the Imac Pro is that it is Apple’s investment in its own processors. As long as there is no even more powerful variant of the M1 chip available, there is simply no reason to have both Imac and Imac Pro left in the range.



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