‘Confirmed’ 6 days after getting Pfizer vaccine… “I can’t be alert”

A nurse in her 40s who received a vaccine for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) jointly developed by Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, and Bioentech, Germany, was confirmed 6 days later.

According to ABC News on the 29th (local time), a 45-year-old nurse working at a hospital in San Diego, California, received a Pfizer vaccine on the 18th. The side effect he suffered at the time was the pain he felt in the arm that received the vaccine.

However, six days later, he, who was working in the corona-related department, felt chills, muscle pain, and fatigue, so he was examined and was confirmed as corona.

“Patients are not protected immediately just because they get the vaccine,” said Christian Ramas, an infectious disease expert at the San Diego Family Health Center, who was confirmed after vaccination. Vaccine clinical trials show that it takes about 10 to 14 days for antibodies to be produced.” He added, “Even after this period, a second vaccination is needed to ensure that the subjects are fully protected.” After vaccination, he added. It is said that there is no relief for 10 to 14 days when antibodies are formed.

Some foreign media also raised the possibility that the nurse was already infected with Corona 19 before being vaccinated, and that symptoms may have appeared later.

The media said, “Through this case, we can see that the vaccine is not a panacea, and even if you get the vaccine, it is important to follow quarantine rules such as washing your hands and wearing a mask.

(Seoul = News 1)

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