Confinement. Referents to help students maintain morale

Universities, forced to deliver their lectures at a distance, will not reopen before January 20 at the earliest, confirmed yesterday Jean Castex. Faced with the risk of dropping out of the youngest students, the Prime Minister announced, on November 12, the recruitment by the regional centers of university and social works (Crous) 1,600 referrals in the 800 university campuses in France.

The system will be strengthened: 20,000 student jobs additional funds, this time financed by universities, for a total cost of 56 million euros, will be created to support dropouts during the first two years of their studies, the Prime Minister announced yesterday.

Four-month contracts

The contracts will be established for a period of four months, from December to March, ten hours a week ”.The tutor must be of a level equivalent to a minimum third year of license.

In Rennes, a city with more than 65,000 students, around 5,700 are accommodated in Cités-U. Nearly one in two remained in their homes during confinement. And nearly one in four is foreign, moving internationally.

Fabiola Mucha, 30, a student at the school of architecture is one of the three referents of the Patton university campus, 200 housing units, north of the city. This Peruvian student arrived in 2018. “I haven’t been home since, she explains. Here, it has become a bit of my family, even if I am in contact very often with mine, in Lima, by phone. “

485 € per month

From the first wave of the health crisis, she applied to become a referent. This student job earns him a little money, 485 € per month, but that is not the main thing. “I wanted to make myself useful. Like me, many foreign students are far from their families. Some have a poor command of French, the feeling of loneliness is even greater. “

Not a week goes by without Fabiola being solicited, in the corridors of Cité-U or via social networks. Sometimes just to chat. “I speak French, Spanish, English. I also understand Italian and Portuguese. We always end up understanding each other “, she adds, with a communicative smile that you can guess behind her mask.

“I serve as a relay”

Sometimes the problems are more serious: bad grades that accumulate to the point of losing ground in your studies, no money to pay your rent or do your shopping, a big blow to morale or even psychological distress. “At that point, I act as a relay, I direct them to the Crous services which can help them. Then I check in with them to see if things are better. “

It’s not easy to live in a 9 m2 room, following the lessons by videoconference. “But I think it’s even more difficult when you live in your studio, in town, considers Fabiola. Here, we have to leave our rooms, we find ourselves in the collective kitchen, at the end of the corridor. It’s a good way not to be alone. “


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