CONFINEMENT: Didier Paris’ reaction

The LREM deputy for Côte-d’Or speaks about the health crisis and the terrorist attack in Nice. He calls for “national unity” to “rule out unnecessary controversies”.

Press release from Didier Paris of October 29, 2020:

The President of the Republic announced, last night, a new national confinement, as of this night.

This measure, which takes into account the experience acquired last spring, is made absolutely necessary by the very negative evolution of the pandemic on our territory, as in most European countries, including those which had been little affected during of the first wave.

We must give a “sudden brake on contamination” without which we would have to consider “sorting between patients in the hospital” or expect, in the near future, the new death of several hundred thousand of our. fellow citizens.

We must support, through the efforts of each and every one of us, this lucid and necessary decision, just as the Prime Minister has developed this morning before the deputies.

The responsibility of the President and the executive is to protect all French people, the elderly, the most vulnerable as well as our caregivers. It is also to protect our economy which cannot develop in a degraded health context and which has already been severely affected.

While the French overwhelmingly approve of these measures, national union should not be just an abstract idea. It must be reflected in each of our acts and rule out unnecessary controversy.

This is all the more necessary as we relive, this morning, an absolute tragedy, that of the horror of a terrorist attack in Nice which claimed the lives of 3 people. My saddest thoughts are with their families, their loved ones.

The values ​​of our republic can only be maintained in unity and solidarity, in our collective capacity to overcome these trials.

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