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Soccer ” There is no risk of resuming the Bundesliga after the Dynamo Dresden has been quarantined due to Covid-19. The boss of the German league (DFL) Christian Seifert wanted to reassure everyone. “This does not justify questioning the whole season,” he told ZDF after announcing two positive cases for Covid-19 with the second division team. “It was always clear to me that it could happen. We are at the very beginning of the restart, ”continued Christian Seifert.

The boss, however, said he feared other cases of Covid-19 which could jeopardize the progress of the championship. “It can reach a level where it is no longer possible to play,” he said.

The Bundesliga season is set to end on June 30, because, according to Christian Seifert, “a lot of player contracts are in progress, so we want to play as many matches as possible before this date”.

The Bundesliga is the first major European championship to resume competition since the pandemic-imposed halt. The recovery will however be under draconian conditions. All matches will be played behind closed doors, with a maximum number of 300 people authorized for each match. ATS

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