Confidence Always Suspicious about Anies, KPK: Don’t Get Dragged Into Politics


Mahfud Md revealed the story KPK once complained to him because he was always suspected of summoning Anies Baswedan in the Formula E case. The KPK asked not to drag the investigation into the political realm.

“We are following the responses from various parties that we conveyed yesterday. We regret that various parties brought and dragged the KPK institutionally towards practical politics for the interests of those concerned and their followers,” said Head of KPK Reporting Unit, Ali Fikri, to journalists, Thursday (2/2/2019). 2023).

“We hope that this will not happen again when there are parties who bring up these issues as if what the KPK is doing is political interest,” he added.

Ali himself did not deny that there were differences of opinion regarding the Formula-E case. However, according to him, that cannot be a reason to link it with political affairs.

“We emphasize that we are law enforcers, from our point of view the law enforcement process. The processes are also open within the KPK. It is not carried out by one or two people. The team can consist of 5-10 people. Investigators are the same way, prosecutors are also later. Structural open action is being discussed, 5 Leaders may have an opinion. Each person may have an opinion and at the same time have a different opinion,” he said.

“It’s not a problem with the KPK, because that’s the dynamics. There shouldn’t be any internal differences between the KPK and then it’s withdrawn by outsiders as if they were brought into the political arena,” he added.

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Ali also asked the public not to link the Formula E case with the attempt to tackle Anies, as stated by Denny Indrayana when chat with Mahfud Md.

“We often say that in 2023 as the gateway to 2024, all the KPK’s work will be judged by political narratives. But in fact, those who say that are in politics for the interests of their group. That’s what I can say. Therefore, We emphasize stopping those who drag the KPK into areas like that. We are not in areas like that,” said Ali.

Ali said that each case has different challenges, including the Jakarta Formula E investigation. However, according to him, the most important thing is that the case is not brought to the political sphere.

“Of course all case handlers have their own uniqueness and challenges when resolving them. I think many of the cases or parties then pushed the KPK to resolve their cases, but what we can’t understand is that there are parties who have, for example, stood in the eradication processes corruption, but on the contrary, it is tugging at the region as if then there is political charge by the KPK,” he said.

“Once again, we emphasize that our point of view is law enforcement only when there are reports from the public, we will follow up as long as there is sufficient evidence in accordance with the provisions. Whoever it is, whatever the background, we will definitely designate him as a suspect, whoever it is, that is our commitment. And in turn it will be tested openly, both pretrial and corruption trials, the truth will be tested, including the work of the mechanisms carried out by the KPK,” explained Ali.

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