Concussion, chest contusion. Russian captain Ufy brutally shot down Sedlák. A compatriot helped the shaken Czech

In the 27th minute, Sedlák reached for an inaccurately loaded puck in the offensive blue line, when Salavat Yulaev Grigory Panin, a captain of Salavat, came to him as a torn wagon and shot him down with an extremely ruthless and cruel elbow shot.

The 29-year-old child of České Budějovice remained shaken lying on the ice surface and a doctor had to come to his aid. After a minute, even with Hyka’s assistance, they helped him to the substitute. However, Sedlák stayed on it for only a while and then headed to the locker room. He didn’t interfere with the rest of the match.

Immediately after the end of the match, no detailed information was available on the health status of the Czech national team, which came a few hours later.

And they’re not exactly happy – a concussion and a bruising of the chest. There is a real risk that Sedlák will not interfere with the rest of the series. At least for the rest of the series, in the case of Chelyabinsk’s advance, its start in the finals of the KHL Eastern Conference is not certain.

The farmer was immediately taken revenge by defender Nick Bailen, a native of New York representing Belarus in recent years. And he put the 36-year-old Panin on his back … After he knocked him on the ice in battle, he leaned over and told him from his lungs what he thought of his pigsty. ‘

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Czech hockey player Lukáš Sedlák at the national team meeting.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

After reviewing the video, the judges awarded Panin, who was born in the Karaganda in Kazakhstan but represents Russia . Balien also spent five minutes per battle and sentenced to 2 + 10 for rudeness.

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