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In honor of the memory of the poetess Bronislaw Martuževa (1924 – 2012), on July 3, 2021, at 5 pm, the concert program “My Hot New Song. Dedication to Bronislaw Martuzheva on his 97th birthday “, the organizers informed.

A tribute to the poet – a memorial concert – in honor of her anniversary is organized every year by the Broņislava Martuževa Foundation “Writer” in cooperation with the Lubāna municipality.

The motto of the concert this year is the poetry lines of Laima Līvena, a close poet and like-minded person of Bronislaw Martuževa:

“My new song is hot
Gentlemen walked
Cow shepherds, pig shepherds
They warmed up at the song. ”

As the organizers of the concert noted, Martuževa considered Laima Līvens as her spiritual relative and heir. Symbolically, emphasizing the importance of the succession of generations as a guarantor of the survival of national values ​​and spiritual strength, this year the concert program has been entrusted to the young singer Aleksandrs Spitsbergs.

“The story of each song is created with joy and sincerity. I want people to hear strength and faith in the lyrics, as well as realize happiness in all that we have each been given and destined to do. It will be an invitation for everyone to sing together in their beautiful Latvian language and remember that everything is possible as long as we are united, ”said Spicberga about the upcoming concert.

The concert will feature 15 songs. The program includes songs by Imants Kalniņš, Mārtiņš Brauns and Mamerts Celminsks with the words of Bronislaw Martuževa, the poet’s self-composed “Beranze Motif”, as well as folk songs and prayers.

The organizers of the concert also revealed: “Listeners will be delighted by the new soundtrack of their favorite songs, because it is for this concert that song accompaniments for” Hammond “organ and percussion are created.” Jazz musicians Atis Andersons and Kaspars Kurdeko will perform in the concert.

The concert program will be permeated by poetry and excerpts from the poet’s diaries in the reading of the Latvian National Theater actress Dace Bonāte.

The organizers emphasized: “The creative team believes that above all at this time, people need a consensus provided by an awareness of the nation’s belonging and values. It is important that it is not overshadowed by misunderstandings and bitterness caused by restrictions. Therefore, we are really pleased that the words of Bronislaw Martuževa’s strength will be available to every listener in Latvia and in the world. ”

You will be able to follow the live broadcast of the concert on the portal, as well as on the Facebook accounts of the Aleksandrs Špicberga and Bronislaw Martuževa Foundation “Writer”.

Concert participants

The new generation singer Aleksandrs Špicberga is a student of the Riga Dome Choir School, a laureate of national and international competitions. Latvian popular music and folklore have a special place in her repertoire. Two solo albums by Aleksandrs Špicbergs have been released: in 2015, the debut CD “Iepazisanas” and the second – “Aicinājums”, in which very well-known melodies were sung by both folk and composers. Several videos have been made, including a video for Imants Kalniņš’s song with Broņislava Martuževa’s words “Articles of Articles”.

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Alexander Spitsbergen

Photo: Liene Petersone

Atis Andersons is a pianist and composer who started his career in jazz music at the Riga Dome Choir School and later obtained a bachelor’s degree. London College of Music (University of West London) with Mona Blackman award (2014). After studying in England, Atis Andersons moved back to life in Riga and in 2017 graduated from the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music. The Erasmus + program provided an opportunity to learn piano from Dutch jazz musicians such as Rob van Bavel at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music (Conservatory of Amsterdam) and a jazz organ playing by Bob Wijnen. Atis Andersons regularly performs in Latvia and abroad.

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Atis Andersons

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Kaspars Kurdeko – drummer, percussionist and composer, studied at the Jazz Department of the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music. He studied percussion and composition at the Manhattan School of Music in New York, studying with jazz music experts such as John Riley, Henry Cole, Dave Libman, Ari Honig, Theo Blackman and Dave Douglas. The jazz quartet “DekoMotion”, founded by him, was recognized as the best ensemble in the international competition “Keep an Eye Jazz Award 2010” in the Netherlands, while the musician himself won the award for the best performer. Kaspars Kurdeko is actively involved in various international and domestic projects, including the Baltic jazz group “Tree Stones” and the trio “KlusiKluslus”; has performed at festivals and concerts in Latvia, South Korea, France, Germany, Portugal and elsewhere. Kaspars Kurdeko has composed music for the film “Foundation of Criminal Excellence”, for the modern dance performance “Divotne” with choreography by Rūta Pūce and Anna Novikova and for the one-act ballet “Tikko” in the choreography of Elza Leiman. Musician and author of compositions for the album “Far Far” by the ethno outdoor band “Bur mani”.

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Kaspars Kurdeko

Photo: Publicity image

Dace Bonāte has been an actress at the Latvian National Theater since 1983. In the theater, he writes: “The owner of a fine and complex talent, who [..] glows in unexpected colors. Dace has the ability to access the depths of her characters’ souls, discover their paradoxical nature and express / shout / sing their joy and pain. ” Deeply feels the poetry and destiny of Bronislaw Martuževa. She has also starred in movies. In 1995, the Kristaps the Great Award for the best role of women in the feature film Ligzda. In 2009, she received the “Players’ Night” award in the category “Actress of the Year”.

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Dace Bonaate

Photo: Publicity image

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