Computers and phones offered to Face and Social Affairs

Tahiti, December 17, 2020 – The company Vodafone proceeded Thursday afternoon to a donation of 149 telephones, 18 refurbished computers and 200 telephony accessories to the Department of Solidarity, Family and Equality (DSFE, ex- DAS) and the Foundation Agir contre exclusion (Face).

The Minister of Solidarity, Isabelle Sachet, the director of the DSFE, Valérie Hong Kiou, and the director of the Face foundation, Sylvain Pauwels, went to Vodafone’s headquarters in Faa’a on Thursday afternoon to participate in a presentation of donations from the mobile operator. The vice-president of Vodafone, Patrick Moux, in fact handed over 114 mobile phones to the DSFE. “80 of them will go to island students and 34 others to matahiapo in need”, explained Valérie Hong Kiou. Vodafone also donated 18 refurbished computers, 35 phones and 200 phone parts and accessories to the Face Foundation. “They must be offered to families or neighborhood associations”, commented Sylvain Pauwels, whose foundation works in particular for the social and professional integration of the most deprived.

The first operation of its kind for Vodafone, it was during the renewal of the IT equipment that such an idea germinated with the company’s IT service teams. “We renewed our computer park and our old computers were in good condition. We had to renovate them”, explains Patrick Moux. “So with all these parts, we made decent computers. And we thought that rather than selling them, what we are going to do is a donation for people who really need them.. It will satisfy everyone. And the IT team decided, on their own time, to overhaul these computers. It is the participation of Vodafone employees. I thank them very much for this wonderful work. “ For the vice-president of Vodafone, the operation should be perpetuated and renewed within the company in the years to come. “The group’s desire has always been to help the most underprivileged, by helping disabled people with Shell at the time. Having achieved a balance, and it must be said, we are doing quite well this year despite the situation, we can afford to give back. “



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