Home Business Computer meltdown at the major Swiss bank UBS - cause unclear

Computer meltdown at the major Swiss bank UBS – cause unclear

Temporarily almost nothing went online … Screenshot: twitter

Computer meltdown at the major Swiss bank UBS – that is behind it

Annoying for affected customers, embarrassing for the big bank: central computer systems of the UBS were affected by a break of several hours on Thursday morning. E-banking and ATMs no longer worked.

A UBS spokeswoman confirmed according to inside-it.chthat both e-banking for private and institutional customers as well mobile Banking had been unavailable since early morning. According to the Inside IT report, the “UBS Connect” service for external asset managers, the digital “UBS Safe” and UBS quotes were also affected.

The journalist Lukas Haessig wrote on his Inside Paradeplatz blog of a “major failure”. Numerous applications would stand still, including the digital payment solution Twint.

Inside IT quotes a banking expert who says: «This is a disaster for a retail bank. This is extremely uncomfortable and the incident often goes up to the CEO. »

On Thursday afternoon, UBS then announced that all banking systems would run again without restrictions. And the media office of the big bank emphasized that no cyber attack caused the problems. Rather, “a technical component on the bank’s main computer” is responsible for the failure of the computer systems.


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