Compromís asks that teachers be vaccinated now

So far, it is being vaccinated against Covid-19 in Spain to residents and health and social health personnel who work in residences for the elderly and also to front-line personnel, as they are the population groups most exposed to infection or most vulnerable. However, there are many other groups pending vaccination that could also be considered a priority for their work.

One of them is the personal teacher, which has been dealing with the difficulties of returning to the classroom after the first epidemiological waves and has been able to contain the outbreaks that have been appearing. It is precisely to this population group that Compromís wants to give priority, whose deputy in Congress, Joan Baldoví, has registered a Proposition not of Law in which he urges the Government to prioritize them.

Compromís considers that “the protection of front-line personnel in the educational field is a basic measure for the maximum protection of the school environment”

According to the text of the initiative, Baldoví states that the personal teacher is included in group 2 together with the health and social health personnel of the first line, so that they immediately begin to be vaccinated. Likewise, they claim the same act for the pnon-teaching staff who work in these centers, such as “school cafeteria monitors, porter staff and guards, therapist or student assistance personnel.”

The Valencian formation defends that “together with the public health care system, the public education system is one of the great bastions of the Welfare State to provide its population with a life horizon of greater security, well-being and social equity”. For this reason, they influence, the autonomous communities “have opted for presence as a fundamental pillar in the return to the classroom after the summer.”

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Along the same lines, they argue that different organizations “have warned of the negative impact that a prolonged or intermittent closure of educational centers could have on students who are currently in school.” For this reason, they urge to open the debate on “how to guarantee the maximum protection of the classrooms against the pandemic”.


From Compromís they consider that “the protection of front-line personnel in the educational field is a basic measure for maximum protection of the school environment ”. In addition, they describe it as “a measure of an ethical and moral nature for the protection of the right to education and its proper development.” Finally, they understand that it would be “to send a positive message to the students, families and teachers about safety in the educational system.”

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