Complications or ease of travel to Croatia? Slovenia is changing toll collection

This is very important information for Czechs, who go to the Adriatic in almost a million every year: Slovenia will now be included in the list of countries that have an electronic motorway stamp. Toll collection should be easier, but it won’t be that simple. The ÚAMK car club draws attention to the difficulties associated with the transition to electronic stamps.

Slovenia is introducing electronic motorway signs, and this means a number of pitfalls for motorists that they must be careful when planning a trip to the Adriatic.

The first point will be resolved by the summer season: in December 2021 and January 2022, there will still be a transitional period, during which traditional sticky coupons or exclusively year-round electronic stamps will remain in play.

Already purchased year-round “paper” stamps are valid until January 31, 2022. From February, however, all types of vignettes will be exclusively electronic.

For the time being, prices and the validity of short-term stamps remain valid. Even in electronic form, 7-day and monthly stamps will continue to be sold for passenger cars.

For a car weighing up to 3.5 tonnes, where the height of the hood above the front axle does not exceed 1.3 meters, you will pay 110 euros (approximately 2800 crowns) per year, 30 euros (760 crowns) per month or 15 euros for the Slovenian stamp ( 380 crowns) per week. Most passenger cars fall into this category.

For vehicles with a maximum weight of 3.5 tonnes, but whose front hood exceeds 1.3 meters, the prices are doubled. This category includes, for example, personal deliveries.

Bikers will continue to be able to use the vignette for a year, half a year and a week. He will pay 55 euros (1,400 crowns), 39 euros (990 crowns) or 7.5 euros (190 crowns) for them.

Purchases will be possible both online and in selected stores and gas stations in Slovenia.

As in our country, the electronic vignette will no longer be tied to a calendar year, but will remain valid for one year from a selected date determined by the motorist on the day of purchase. The start of validity can be postponed by a maximum of 30 days.

You can pay by credit card through a payment gateway or by transfer to the account of the Slovenian DARS motorway network administrator. In the latter case, however, it is necessary to take into account that the stamp will start to be valid at the earliest in 4 working days, when the transfer is posted.

The Slovenian electronic vignette, like the Czech one, will be tied to an “espezette”. For the purchase, it will be necessary to state the registration number of the vehicle, the state in which the car is registered and also the toll class according to the height of the front hood of the vehicle. “The Slovenian side warns that if the registration plate in the system does not match the registration plate of the vehicle, it will be perceived by the responsible authorities as tolls for the vehicle have not been paid,” warns ÚAMK spokesman Igor Sirota.

A fine of 300 euros (over 7600 crowns) may be imposed for such an offense.

Electronic tolls will be inspected by cameras on motorways, checkpoints and in police and customs officers’ vehicles.




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