Complex Surgery Results in Birth of 5 Sets of Twins for female Citizen.

A medical team at Latifa Hospital for Women and Children in Dubai succeeded in performing a complex caesarean section for a citizen mother, during which she gave birth to quintuplets (two boys and three girls), with a time difference of minutes for each birth.

The hospital stated that the rare surgical operation began with a specialized team receiving an emergency case for a citizen mother, who was admitted to the hospital in a premature birth and in a very dangerous condition, and the team was able to save the mother and the quintuplets.

The medical director of Latifa Hospital, Dr. Fadi Mirza, told Emirates Today that the mother and the quintuplets are in good health and are undergoing an intensive care program in the hospital. Rare cases, as it is one of the 55 million cases in the world, and requires an integrated and specialized medical team to deal with it. For his part, a consultant pediatrician and neonatologist, head of the intensive care unit for premature babies and newborns in the hospital, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Haleeq, said that the mother had a premature birth in the 29th week, and gave birth to quintuplets with an average weight of 1195 grams for each child, and the five children are now about a month old. They are in good health, breathing normally, and eating well, under the supervision of the medical staff in the hospital.

Obstetrics and gynecology consultant at Latifa Hospital, Dr. Abeer Noman, stated that the case was classified as a high-risk pregnancy in the 29th week, and the mother and her husband were anxious and had many concerns, but the mother received safe and effective care by an integrated team of specialists in the hospital, and it was completed Handle it with great care throughout pregnancy until delivery. In turn, the Executive Director of Latifa Hospital, Dr. Mona Tahlak, confirmed that the hospital’s work within an integrated health system, in addition to the exceptional care it provides to all patients of all conditions, supports our mission to serve people and put the health of “the patient first”, and highlights the great potential of the hospital as one of the facilities specialized in childbirth. At the state level.

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