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Health is releasing users who have had symptoms of coronavirus and are still pending the result of their PCR. This is the case of María Jesús, a young woman from Malaga, who has been waiting for the results of her test for more than a week. Her GP has decided to discharge her so that she can go back to work, after being confined for more than ten days and having no symptoms. There are also cases like that of Rocio, who tested positive fifteen days ago and her doctor has advised her to live a normal life without confirming with a new diagnostic test to verify that she is free of the virus. Those affected have gone through the microphones of Hoy por Hoy Málaga to denounce this procedure, because they assure that they feel restless because they do not know if they may be a danger to other people, or if they are prepared to return to work

Hear Complaints from patients for being discharged without knowing if they are COVID-free in Play SER

Apparently the protocols for health action against COVID-19 have been modified since the beginning of the health crisis depending on the evolution of the pandemic. From the SAS they assure that in the last protocol that the Ministry of Health passed to the communities on August 11, it is recommended, in cases that do not require admission and that are carried from primary care, home isolation for up to three days since there is no fever or clinical picture and with a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms. In addition, at no time is it required that they have to pass a new diagnostic test. According to the Ministry, the protocol follows the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization, which also stipulates that in the case of patients with coronavirus, but asymptomatic, discharge will be received directly ten days after taking the sample that confirmed the infection without requiring a new PCR. On the other hand, Health does not give a clear answer to the case of María Jesús, who is discharged but does not yet know the result of her test

The protocol is not exempt from criticism and people from other autonomous communities have also spoken out against this discharge without a test. They ask primary care professionals to make sure that the positive ones are given the appropriate recommendations and that the affected person is guaranteed a clinical follow-up. In contrast, positive case management guidelines that require hospitalization they do require a PCR for discharge


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