Competition for principals, the League: “Azzolina takes herself”. She: “No conflict of interest”

ROMA – The headmaster competition, which he won, again becomes a case. And it is again storm on the minister Lucia Azzolina. Because the rankings are running and the hires to fill vacancies are also: 458 those authorized on August 4 by his ministry. On the net, this does not go unnoticed and the League’s attack with Matteo Salvini arrives: “It is at least inappropriate that Minister Azzolina has stabilized as a school manager, it is as if I had been hired as a firefighter as Minister of the Interior would have been at least strange. “

Clarifications, the League claims. “No conflict of interest,” she replies. And no contracts in hand for now, even with this second wave of releases in the role of executives. “Do you think the minister of education has the power to block a ranking? It is the administration he hires – says Azzolina last night during the broadcast “In Onda” on the 7 – I participated in that competition in 2017 I made sacrifices to study, working and preparing lessons for students at the same time. I made many sacrifices and a lot of apprenticeship, I studied a lot for that contest “.

The clash is all political, that is the real battleground. But it raises a case of opportunity in the school world. A “frozen” place for when Azzolina will no longer be minister, as happened in other cases.

“But how can participation in a selection process be reconciled when it already covered an important political position in the school environment? – thunders Senator Mario Pittoni, head of the League School and vice president of the Culture Commission at Palazzo Madama – Reasons of opportunity, at which, in words, the M5S says is sensitive, did they not suggest that you give up postponing participation to a later period? “.

One step back to clarify. The school directors competition was banned in 2017 when Lucia Azzolina was still only a teacher and took the oral exam when she was already a parliamentarian and was not undersecretary of education (she swore last September 19). That competition held by the teacher had claimed it: “I got up at 5 in the morning, prepared the lessons and went back to study. The professional politician is the politician? I made a square deck. I was a teacher, I worked and I wanted to improve my career. “

Azzolina passes the competition to a minimum – with 80 per cent written and 75 out of 100 oral, in total reaches 158.5 – and enters the ranking at place number 2,539. Last year, hiring came to take 2,045 competition winners. Now the new entries. The minister is close to stabilization. “At the present time she has not been hired, she has no contract” they repeat in Viale Trastevere.

She is not inside, but considering deletions and possible waivers, she could come back. It is still one step away. There were 529 posts authorized by the MEF to cover the need for tenured positions since September, the Ministry of Education has hired 458. The Ministry of Education specifies in a note: “The assumptions and the scrolling of the merit ranking of the competition , which Minister Lucia Azzolina legitimately participated in, are of the strict competence of the ministry (ie of the administration) and not of the minister, based on a principle of clear separation of political power from the administrative function (“to the exclusive service of the Nation” , according to article 98 of the Constitutional Charter) “.

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And again, the note concludes: “These hires, even more so in the event of a health emergency, serve to give school managers to school institutions. Stop hiring only because among the winners of that competition is also the minister, who enrolled in the rehearsals in 2017, when she was only a teacher, and she regularly passed it, would be an illegal act, in addition to harming the organization of schools “.

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