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In June 2020 Karen Garner she was arrested by police in Loveland, Colorado, as she walked out of a Walmart supermarket. The woman, suffering from dementia, had stolen $ 13 worth of goods. Karen Garner’s arrest was particularly violent. A video captures the agent while he immobilizes the 73-year-old woman twisting her arms and pushing her to the ground to handcuff her. The confused woman resists and the policeman pushes her against the car while continuing to twist her arm.

The old lady, with a frightened air, keeps repeating: “I want to go home”, but the agents slam her into the car and take her to the cell where she remains – with a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder – until the arrival of the family members. “The Garner family immediately reported the incident and during the investigation a second video emerged – made public in recent days by the family’s lawyer – recorded by the security cameras of the police station where the old lady was taken“, reveals the Press.

The images show Karen Garner handcuffed and in the cell. Outside, the policeman who made the arrest shows the video recorded by the bodycam to other colleagues; together they laugh and make fun of her. “Are you ready for the ‘pop’, are you ready for the ‘pop’?” Asks the policeman referring to the approach of the moment when he dislocated her shoulder. “The arrest went great,” she hears herself say at one point, as a colleague covers her eyes. After viewing the videos, the city of Loveland announced the opening of one independent investigation that has now ended with $ 3 million in compensation to Ms. Karen Garner. Both officers have resigned from the police and are charged with the crime. A lawyer for Garner’s family, Sarah Schielke, said in a press conference that the violent arrest caused the elderly woman’s health condition to deteriorate and she now needs 24-hour care.

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