Comparison of Vaccine Effectiveness of Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca Page all – A number of vaccine products Covid-19 have obtained emergency use approvals in several countries.

As vaccine produced by Sinovac, Pfizer / BioNTech, Modern, and Oxford/AstraZeneca.

Each has a two-shot or two-dose mechanism to achieve optimal protective effectiveness.

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There is a time interval applied between the first and second gifts. So how much protection can you receive after the first injection of vaccines?

Quoting Business Insider (12/3/2021), all of this can be seen from the data that comes from clinical trials of each vaccine.

After the first dose of injection is given, the Pfizer vaccine is said to provide protection for a person from being exposed to Covid-19 with symptoms as large as 52.4 percent.

However, this figure was reached even 11 days before actual protection resulted from the first injection.

So that the real protection that can be obtained from Pfizer’s initial injection is indeed the figure can be much higher.

The number of possible protections is actually somewhere in between 29.5-84.5 percent.

The interval is broad, as not many people contracted Covid-19 in clinical trials during this period.

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Approximately the same as Pfizer, the first dose of Moderna vaccine can also provide protection up to 80 percent.

The range is in the numbers 43.5-84.5 percent.

After the first dose is given, protection from Covid-19 infection is in number 69.5 percent. This figure was obtained by the recipient, 13 days before the real protection was formed.

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The first dose of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine is said to provide protection from symptomatic Covid-19 for at least the first 90 days 76 percent.

Meanwhile, for the prevention of Covid-19 which requires hospitalization, the first dose of AstraZeneca is said to provide protection up to 100 percent, although the numbers are small.

The figures are based on the results of the vaccine’s phase 3 clinical trial, which were uploaded on The Lancet.

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