Comparison between Russian nuclear weapons and NATO, who is stronger?


Comparison between Russian nuclear weapons and NATO, who is stronger? PHOTO / Reuters

FLY Nuclear weapons become a scary specter for the survival of the world in the future. Not without reason, this is based on the destructive power of nuclear weapons owned by several countries, including Russia And United States of America .

Furthermore, following the Kremlin invasion of Ukraine since February 2022, Vladimir Putin even mentioned the use of nuclear power if there are other countries that interfere with his country’s territorial integrity. So how does the Russian nuclear arsenal compare to that of NATO?

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Quoted from the Sky News page, the Federation of American Scientists says Russia has a total inventory of 5,977 nuclear warheads. This size makes it the largest in the world.

Additionally, The Bulletin of the Atomic claimed that this Russian arsenal includes approximately 4,447 warheads and approximately 1,588 of them are deployed in the form of ballistic missiles and bomber bases.

Additionally, there are also said to be around 977 strategic warheads along with 1,912 non-strategic warheads stored as reserves.

However, experts say the exact number Russia has is unknown given the strict secrecy surrounding the country’s strategy and security.

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Looking at one of its types, Russia has an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is said to have the ability to reach major cities in the world such as Washington DC or London.

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Defense expert Sir Richard Barrons once claimed that Vladimir Putin had begun to joke about the issue of nuclear weapons globally.

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