Comparing mobile subscriptions is still too difficult | Money

Most consumers look for information on the websites of providers, according to ACM research. In general, prices and conditions are still clear.

When subscriptions have to be compared, it becomes difficult. Almost half of the consumers surveyed by the watchdog find the information from different providers (totally) not comparable.

No sanctions

According to ACM, this information should be presented in such a way that consumers can compare them properly and then make a choice. The watchdog cannot impose sanctions if this is not done, and so it will stick to a call.

When taking out a mobile subscription, consumers mainly want to compare information about the fixed costs per month, the length of the contract and the quality or reliability of the network. Consumers also want to know whether they can take their current number with them and how this works, while they also want to have insight into their own consumption and the speed of the network.

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