Compare Darwin Nunez with Haaland!


Striker Liverpool Darwin Nunez continue to be compared to the bomber Manchester City Erling Haaland. Andy Robertson I feel the comparison is unfair.

Nunez and Haaland both moved to the Premier League last summer. Nunez was recruited from Benfica, while Haaland from Borussia Dortmund. The confrontation between the two strikers becomes even more intense because they are also from the same generation.

However, in terms of sharpness, Nunez and Haaland are very different. Nunez has only scored six goals in 13 appearances for Liverpool in all competitions, despite his league ban. While Haaland looked resounding after scoring 22 goals in 16 Man City games (!)

Robertson, left back of Liverpool, is heard Darwin Nunez And Erling Haaland it shouldn’t be compared. Evaluation should be based on individual performance.

“The only reason they are being compared is because they play in similar positions and move in the same transfer window,” the Scotsman said. Independent.

“It’s not right for everyone. If the comparison is the other way around, it wouldn’t be right for Haaland either. So listen, they are two fantastic players and we are happy to have Darwin here. He is a young man that everyone forgets and is very efficient in front of goal”, Robertson continued.

“Maybe he didn’t have many minutes due to a three match suspension, some injuries and he is still adapting, but he understood straight away. His threats were visible against Ajax, and he has given them a lot of problems and they are already worried. for him”.

Darwin Nunez scored a goal in Liverpool’s 4-0 victory over Ajax in the Champions League. The Uruguayan striker was again criticized for not completing the opportunity in front of goal.

“It was an unfortunate failure at halftime, but the good strikers reacted. He was very disappointed at half-time but used that disappointment to get angry and want to be in front of goal again and scored a great header. , which is what great strikers do, “defended Robertson.

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