Companies give money for faster restructuring

Companies from the region are now making a financial contribution to accelerate the renovation of the A30 / B70 traffic junction. This was announced by the Development and Economic Promotion for Rheine (EEC) in a press release.

The strong and cost-intensive use of multi-shift operation and weekend work should make it possible to shorten the construction work by several months, according to the EEC. This results in additional costs in the six-digit euro range. More than 35 companies from the region have already committed their financial support to accelerate the conversion.

This support was preceded by personal conversations between the initiators of this economic participation Rüdiger Schuma (managing director of Krimphoff & Schulte), EWG managing director Ingo Niehaus and WVS managing director Heiner Hoffschroer.

As a result, “Straßen.NRW”, representatives of the city of Rheine, the EEC and the Steinfurt Economic Association (WVS) have had more than 300 companies from Rheine, Salzbergen and Spelle in several digital information events and other channels such as newsletters or social media in the past few months informs the local economy about the progress of the construction project.

In the context of these exchanges, there was also intensive discussion about possible optimization options in order to minimize the economic damage caused by the diversions and the restricted accessibility. In the subsequent constructive discussions between regional entrepreneurs and the authorities involved, municipalities, EWG, WVS and the construction companies, it was possible to develop a plan to reduce the construction time by several months, the EWG announced: “As a result, the active regional economy for this optimization. ”

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“We are enthusiastic about the cohesion of the companies in the region. Companies from Rheine, Salzbergen and Spelle have already raised a large part of the necessary funds – nobody expected this speed, ”summed up the initiators. The mayors of the municipalities involved also support this economic initiative and are pleased that all municipalities are benefiting from the shortened construction phase. In order to keep individual support as low as necessary, the involvement of other companies is welcome.

The previous plans by the state company “Straßen.NRW” envisage a maximum duration of nine months, which is associated with extensive diversions and significantly restricted accessibility.

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