[communiqué] New York: The Chelsea Film Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary and discover the two selected overseas films!

The Chelsea Film Festival is an international event, a competition intended to reward emerging artists. 153 films from 29 countries will be shown this year.

As for “The French Overseas Program”, it consists of two films:


Synopsis: Withdrawn from the world and resident at the foot of Mount Vauclin (Martinique), Monchoachi writes every afternoon after his morning walk in the island’s forests. Poet (he says that this word should be pronounced with trembling), philosopher and essayist, he tries to construct a thought that he says is wild. A thought detached from the West, therefore eminently free. Many have drawn from his work a strength of resistance, creation and survival in the face of the violence of contemporary society. A trip with Monchoachi is a way to find echoes of our questions about our place in the world, in relation to Nature, the Word and the Sacred.

BURNT SNOW by Mathieu Glissant:

Synopsis: Louise is drawn to her separated father’s world on a tropical island, as he is convinced by a snowy vision that it is her destiny to take care of her dying crops.

Chelsea Film Festival

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