Communications Scandal Persists as Ogero Employees’ Strike Persists!

“Lebanese Debate”

Ogero employees and workers have been carrying out a sit-in since the morning to protest against the non-fulfillment of their demands despite repeated promises. They were supported in their movement by the General Labor Union and the Engineers Syndicate.

With this strike, a large part of the Lebanese live at risk of being cut off from the communications network, especially when sudden breakdowns occur that the employees or workers will not repair by virtue of the strike.

Employee sources indicate that the exchanges today can be likened to the daughter of a woman and the daughter of a slave girl. In exchanges that include equipment for private companies, faults are repaired directly, as happened in the Ras Al Nabaa Central, which the Minister of Communications personally supervised over its repair because it includes equipment for a private Internet company, while there are still exchanges such as Zahle. Or Al-Marijeh without repair because there are no private companies inside it.

And it confirms the employees’ refusal to give these companies Internet services at a price not exceeding 4 thousand, while these companies, from cellular to Internet companies, sell these services to their customers at an exchange rate, and instead of the profits going to the state treasury, they go to the accounts of these companies.

An informed source in the Ogero Employees Union confirmed that the movement continues, as well as the announced strike, revealing that a meeting was held between the Minister of Communications and the General Manager, Imad Kreidieh, where the latter brings to the minister ideas that he previously presented to the employees, and perhaps this is the atmosphere that the minister is talking about for a possible dissolution.

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