Committee recommends not rebuilding refugee accommodation: Hotel Fredenbeck: demolish or sell

sb. Fredenbeck. Since the fire in the former Hotel Fredenbeck on June 19 of this year, in which a resident was killed, the building, which had previously been used as refugee accommodation, has been empty. The flames had made the property uninhabitable. On Tuesday, the planning and environmental committee of the municipality of Fredenbeck dealt with the future of the building. The members recommended the management committee and the council not to rebuild the house in the center of the village.

The figures speak in favor of this recommendation: The insurance experts come to the conclusion that around 350,000 euros would be necessary to be able to use the building again after a fire renovation. The building fabric and the cuts remained the same. A fair value compensation of around 200,000 euros will be paid to the municipality of Fredenbeck when the building is being renovated. The sum also flows in the event of a demolition, but then without VAT. The VAT on the demolition costs can be claimed for this. The insurance also reimburses 22,000 euros for the inventory. Together with the property value in this exposed location in Fredenbeck, the municipality of Fredenbeck is unlikely to suffer any economic damage from the fire and its consequences, according to the experts.

The former hotel and the associated 1,300 square meter property are owned by the municipality of Fredenbeck. This had made the property available to the joint community of Fredenbeck to accommodate refugees. In addition, another area was leased right next door, on which there is a second refugee accommodation made of residential containers. The lease expires in April 2021.

The Fredenbeck Hotel has hit the headlines several times in recent years. In June 2019, a dispute between two residents escalated. Finally one of the men picked up a kitchen knife and stabbed the other. Attempts at resuscitation by the ambulance service, which was quickly approaching, were unsuccessful. The 23-year-old died at the scene. The perpetrator initially moved away from the building, but was quickly arrested by the police officers who had also been alerted. Only a few months later, in November 2019, another resident of the former hotel was attacked with a knife by an asylum seeker from the neighboring accommodation. The victim dragged himself out of the accommodation, but collapsed a little later in front of a neighboring supermarket and died in the hospital on the same day. The attacker was arrested. In June 2020 the next stroke of fate: A fire broke out in the building due to a burning cigarette. The fire brigade found a lifeless person in the basement who died later on. The autopsy revealed carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause of death. Particularly tragic: just a few days earlier, the victim had survived a building fire in another refugee accommodation in Deinste, where a defective refrigerator had triggered the fire. The refugee was then placed in Fredenbeck.

The council of the municipality of Fredenbeck will discuss the recommendation of the planning and environment committee at its next meeting on November 19th. What should happen to the property in the future will not be decided this year. This will be discussed in connection with other budget issues at the beginning of next year. It would be possible to sell the site. This could be done subject to conditions regarding further use, e.g. for trade, industry or health services.

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